If you’re thinking about refreshing the finish of your home’s exterior, you’ll need to prepare the surfaces first. Cleaning is an essential step to ensure paints and stains adhere well. Check out these common questions and answers to learn about the benefits of pressure washing services.

Should You Power Wash Your House Before Painting?

In addition to providing a pristine appearance, a power wash can help prepare your home’s exterior for new paint. Removing dirt, dust, mildew and chalking allows a new layer of paint to properly bond and adhere to a surface. This method applies to various materials, such as stucco, wood, vinyl, Hardie plank, metal and aluminum.

Even if your home’s exterior surface initially appears clean, it’s recommended to schedule a cleaning to ensure the best possible results with a long-lasting paint job every time. The amount of time you can wait to paint after power washing depends on the type of siding you have — typically, you should wait at least 24 hours or around three days before you apply your new coat of paint.

Should You Pressure Wash Your Deck Before Staining It?

You’ll want to pressure wash before staining a newly built deck or refinishing a pre-existing surface. Pressure washing requires the proper equipment and methods for a safe and gentle cleanse to remove any dirt or debris. Once the deck is clean, the wood can absorb the stain better. A deeper coloring application provides a more accurate appearance matching your sample and higher-quality performance over time.

Many experts recommend staining a deck at least 48 hours after pressure washing. This time frame requires the ideal circumstances of total sun exposure with dry weather and low humidity. Waiting another day or two can ensure the moisture has appropriately dried for optimal staining results.

Will Pressure Washing Remove Paint?

Power washing can remove old layers of paint on a home. Some experts use this as an efficient way to remove any peeling, flaking or blistering pieces. To accomplish this, professionals must take appropriate safety precautions and use the proper equipment, spray nozzles and pressure levels to do the job correctly. After completion, a fresh coat of paint applies nicely with an ideal appearance and texture.

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